12th - 13th May 2012
Czech cup

OK Lokomotiva Pardubice

Český svaz orientačních sportů
OK Lokomotiva Pardubice | Czech orienteering association | Nasavrky town

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ČSOB Pojišťovna

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Hovorka Catering

JKD-SPED s.r.o.

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Lesy ČR




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ČSOB Pojišťovna





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Czech orienteering cup 2012 (1st and 2nd race)
Czech orienteering A cup 2012 (1st and 2nd race)
Orienteering B cup Bohemia 2012 (1st and 2nd race)
Public orienteering race

Date: Saturday 12th May 2012 - long distance
Sunday 13th May 2012 - middle distance
Organization body: ČSOS (Czech orienteering association)
Organization subject: OK Lokomotiva Pardubice
Competition center: Nasavrky, meadow on southern edge of the town (49°50'17.372"N, 15°48'1.723"E), club tents possible to build
Registration: In the competition centre:
Saturday: 9:30 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.
Sunday: 8:30 a. m. - 9:15 a. m.
Parking: Cars on the meadow by competition center (parking fee 40 CZK for 2 days); buses on the road; respect orienteering navigation and guidelines of the organizers!!!
Distances: parking - competition center 300 m
competition center - finish 0 m
competition center - start Saturday 1300 m (blue and white streamers)
competition center - start Sunday 1600 m (blue and white streamers)
Maps: Saturday: Plesný 2012 – categories DH16 – 35 scale 1:15000, E = 5 m; other categories: scale 1:10000, E = 5 m; ISOM 2000, stay March 2012, cartographers Petr Mareček and Martin Kratochvíl; maps in water-proof cover; ofset printer Silueta
Sunday: Nasavrky – all categories scale 1:10000, E = 5 m; ISOM 2000, stay March 2012, cartographers Petr Mareček and Martin Kratochvíl; maps in water-proof cover; laser printer OKI 5950
Special map symbols:
green cross – root stock
green circle – distinctive tree
brown cross – small platform
black circle – triangulation bar
black cross – other artificial object
Sample map: The competitors will receive sample map (warm-up map) in the center. Sample map is on the way to Saturady and Sunday start. Do not enter out of the sample map area.
Terrain: Long distance: Flat forest (530 - 617 m above see), partly dense forest (worse visibility), partly clear forest, tough surface, water courses, numerous paths, varied vegetation. There is a few busy third class road in the competition area, be careful.
Middle distance: Vegetation complex terrain, mainly with reduced runnability (light green), tough surface (sticks, waterlogged areas). Not very dense path network, system of deep water courses and area with scattered stones. Elevation on courses is minimal.
Previous map Plesný from year 2002.
Forbidden areas: All forest area, except official way to start and sample map area, is forbidden area; no entry to areas bounded by map symbols 522.0 ("fence"); 524.0 ("high fence"); 709.0 ("out-of-bounds area"), on uncut meadows and on newly planted areas – violation of the prohibition means disqualification.
Control descriptions: Every competitor will pick up control descriptions of the category in the competition center.
Punching system: Electronic – SportIdent; if the control unit fails, use R arrays on the map for mechanic punching.
Start: Interval; start 00 in Saturday at 12:00 a.m., start 00 in Sunday at 10:00 a.m.
Way to the start leads on the third class little busy road, be careful. Start organization: competitor enters to the first corridor 3 minutes before its start, in the start corridors is obliged to check and clear the SportIdent card; map is taken after the start.
Finish: In the competition center; competitor ends race with punching of finish unit and is obliged to read-out SI card immediately, the map is to be given over in the finish. Serving maps for both days will be on Sunday after 12:45 p.m.
Start numbers: Competitors in categories DH16A, DH18A, DH20A, DH21E run with start numbers; self-service taking at the start.
Time limit: Saturday – 150 minutes; Sunday – 70 minutes.
Refreshment: On the track and in the finish (water, ion drink).
WC: TOI-TOI in the center and on the way to start (in the half way to start).
Washing: In the center – basins, possibly pond.
Health service: In the finish - doctor.
Results: Preliminary results will be published in the center, the final official results on the website http://lpu.cz/cp12; on-line splits from the events will be on site http://splits.racom.eu/.
Prize-giving ceremony: In Saturday at 16:30 p.m., in Sunday at 13:30 p.m.; in both days will be awarded competitors on 1st-3rd place in categories D21E, H21E, D16A, D18A, D20A, H16A, H18A, H20A, H14B, D14B; winners in: D21B, D21C, H21B, H21C, D16B, D18B, D20B, D35B, D40B, D45B, D50B, D55B, D60B, D65B, H16B, H18B, H20B, H35B, H40B, H45B, H50B, H55B, H60B, H65B,H70B, H75B, D10C, D12C, H10C, H12C
Sale of refreshments: Stands in the center.
Accomodation: According to the applications, competitors with accomodation will get accommodation voucher. Please keep the tidiness in dormitories, follow the owner´s instructions.
In the center is not allowed stay overnight!
Protests: With the deposit 200 CZK to main controller (Václav Farář).
Jury: Saturday: David Aleš, Zdenka Kozáková, Marek Prášil
Sunday: Petr Kozák, Jindřich Kořínek, Roman Zbranek
Warning: Events take place in the CHKO Železné hory (protected nature area), please keep the tidiness in the forest and in the center!!!
Officials: event director Dušan Stránský
main controller Václav Farář
course setter Saturday Petr Fencl
course setter Sunday Jan Kaplan

Thanks to sponsors and partners:
General sponsor: ČSOB Pojišťovna, a. s.
Sponsors: Aitcom s.r.o., town Pardubice, Hovorka catering s.r.o.; Geovap s.r.o. Pardubice; Silueta Pardubická tiskárna s.r.o., STENO CZ s.r.o., JKD SPED s.r.o., Premedis s.r.o. Liberec, ISC

Partners Czech orienteering association: Lesy ČR, TOI TOI, T-mapy, Mapy.cz, Mercuri International, Žaket, H.S.H., Equica, Trimtex

The organizers thank all forest owners permission for organizing such events.
A big thank to Zemědělské a.s. Horní Bradlo, town Nasavrky and all citizens of this town for their help in organizing this event and for their tolerance during the events.