12th - 13th May 2012
Czech cup

OK Lokomotiva Pardubice

Český svaz orientačních sportů
OK Lokomotiva Pardubice | Czech orienteering association | Nasavrky town

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General information


Czech orienteering cup 2012 (1st and 2nd race)
Czech orienteering A cup 2012 (1st and 2nd race)
Orienteering B cup Bohemia 2012 (1st and 2nd race)
Public orienteering race

Date: Saturday 12th May 2012 - long distance
Sunday 13th May 2012 - middle distance
Organized by: ČSOS (Czech orienteering association) and OK Lokomotiva Pardubice
Competition center: Nasavrky, meadow on southern edge of the town (49°50'17.372"N, 15°48'1.723"E)
Registration: In the competition centre:
Saturday: 9:30 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.
Sunday: 8:30 a. m. - 9:15 a. m.
Categories: D21E, D21A, D21B, D21C, H21E, H21A, H21B, H21C
D16A, D18A, D20A, H16A, H18A, H20A
D14B, D16B, D18B, D20B, D35B, D40B, D45B, D50B, D55B, D60B, D65B
H14B, H16B, H18B, H20B, H35B, H40B, H45B, H50B, H55B, H60B, H65B,
H70B, H75B
D10C, D12C, H10C, H12C
P3 – easy course for begginers
P6 – a bit harder training course
note: D=women, H=men
Application: Until 27th april 2012 online at http://www.obhana.cz/prihlasky.asp; unregistered and foreigners to e-mail lpu@vco-ob.cz
In case of subsequent application the fees are twofold.
Entry fees: H/D 16-20A + H/D21E,A,B,C: long distance 170 CZK; middle distance 150 CZK
H/D 16-20B, H/D35-55B: long distance 160 CZK; middle distance 140 CZK
other: long distance 80 CZK; middle distance 80 CZK
Payment: in term of applications account number IBAN CZ20 5500 0000 0010 6972 4001 (or foreign competitors can pay entry fees in the competition center on registration).
Distances: parking - competition center 600 m
competition center - start up to 2000 m
competition center - finish 0 m
Maps: Saturday (long distance): Plesný 2012 (for categories H/D16 – 35 1:15000, E = 5m; for other categories 1:10000, E = 5m)
Sunday (middle distance): Nasavrky (1:10000, E = 5 m).
Both maps were prepared by Petr Mareček and Martin Kratochvíl (www.omapy.cz), state April 2012, map key ISOM 2000; the maps for both days will be waterproof.
Terrain: Flat forest (530 - 617 m above see), partly dense forest (worse visibility), partly clear forest, tough surface, water courses, numerous roads, varied vegetation.
Start: Interval – Saturday 12:00, Sunday 10:00 a. m.
Punching system: SportIdent – it is possible to hire SportIdent card (40 CZK per day)
Event officials: Competition director: Dušan Stránský
Main controller: Václav Farář
Course setting: Saturday: Petr Fencl
Sunday: Jan Kaplan
Protests: In writing with fee 200 CZK to referee in term according to Czech rules of foot-o article 26.1 personaly, according to article 26.2 by post to address: Václav Farář, Bartoňova 833, 53012 Pardubice.
Information: http://lpu.cz/cp12; e-mail: lpu@vco-ob.cz
Dušan Stránský - phone +420602186200; Petr Klimpl phone +420602619991
Regulation: The race is organized according to Rules of foot-o, Competition rule of competitions of foot-o section and Implementation guidelines for competitions of foot-o section for year 2012.
Accomodation: The organizer is providing an accomodation only in the gym with your own sleepbacks in Chrudim and Nasavrky (70 CZK per person per night). It is necessary to reserve together with application.

Václav Farář Dušan Stránský
main controller competition director